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One in three Canadian families cannot afford to enrol their children in sport and recreation activities because of financial barriers (Ipsos Reid, 2009). That means that many kids are missing out.
Below are some links to assistance websites that can help with getting things started.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart - is dedicated to removing barriers, so children can participate in organized sport and recreation. We see it as equipping kids for life, because participation in organized sport and recreation increases a child's chance for success in life. They discover and participate. They gain self-confidence. They develop self-esteem. They learn leadership skills. Their lives become richer. This is the power of Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

KidSport Canada - provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport. The KidSport Mission is simple, to help overcome the financial barriers that exist in families so that all kids have the opportunity to participate in organized sport and experience the benefits of active living. This is accomplished by providing financial support for registration fees and/or equipment grants that go directly to families. It is through KidSport that children who are the least likely to have the opportunity to play now have hope.

Oneida Children’s Wellness Fund - is an annual allocation from the Oneida Nation of the Thames Tobacco Allocation and Ontario Lottery Gaming 2008 (Casino Rama) revenues. The Children’s wellness assistance fund supports activities that contribute to the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being of Oneida children. In an effort to reach children who might otherwise not be able to participate in wellness activities, this assistance will provide opportunity for Oneida Children to participate in activities sponsored by the Children’s Wellness Assistance Fund. The Children’s Wellness Assistance Fund will be available to eligible families based on the availability of funding.

Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation - The goal of this sector is to provide support for youth to effectively participate and develop necessary skills through sports and recreational activities. The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation believes that youth develop leadership and teamwork skills through participation in team sports and community-based activities. Taking part in organized activities and special events allows individuals to feel like they have a greater role in their own communities. Youth are valuable contributors to our communities and The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation would like to help develop that talent.

  • Registrations will only be accepted once funding has been confirmed
  • It is the members responsibility to ensure we receive a copy of their funding approval notice
  • It is the members responsibility to ensure we have received your registration form and all outside funding cheques before the division is filled and registration closes.

London Ice Dawgs Payment plans accepted!
  • 50% with registration, 50% on August 31 2024
  • All registrations must be paid in full by September 1 2024. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!